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Elihu Palmer

Elihu Palmer was an ex-Baptist minister who made an effort to organize Deism by forming the "Deistical Society of New York." Palmer wrote the "Principles of Nature" (1801) as follows:
  1. The universe proclaims the existence of one supreme Deity, worthy of the adoration of intelligent beings.
  2. Man is possessed of moral and intellectual faculties sufficient for improvement of nature, and the acquisition of happiness.
  3. The religion of nature is the only universal religion; that it grows out of the moral relations of intelligent beings, and it stands connected with the progressive improvement and common welfare of the human race.
  4. It is essential to the true interest of man, that he love truth and practice virtue.
  5. Vice is every where ruinous and destructive to the happiness of the individual and of society.
  6. A benevolent disposition, and beneficient actions, are fundamental duties of rational beings.
  7. A religion mingled with persecution and malice cannot be of divine origin.
  8. Education and science are essential to the happiness of man.
  9. Civil and religious liberty is essential to his interests.
  10. There can be no human authority to which man ought to be amenable for his religious opinions.
  11. Science and truth, virtue and happiness, are the great objects to which the activity and energy of human faculties ought to be directed.

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